Modified Light Vehicles

Carbon-Works is an Approved Person (Engineer) with Queensland Transport for light vehicle modifications. If you need minor, major or significant modifications done Peter can provide design services, inspections and provision of blue plates for that modification call on 02 6679 4001 to discuss your vehicle.

Held classifications are AP classes PS

These range from adding seat belts to building an “individually constructed vehicle”.  I’m particularly interested in installing electric drives in vehicles and composite ICV’s.

chassis No4-3 plus firewall a video of a chassis design comparison

Here is a clients Ratrod project being picked up from a farm.

Clients Vehicle

Ratrod Project

I look forward to your inquiry.


04-07-2017 – Been a spat on Personally Imported Vehicles the last few weeks. Plus certifying buses with reduced seat counts. They reduce the seat numbers so a normal drivers license can be used. Usually  a Toyota Coaster Bus.

09-10-2017 – Imported motor bikes, a Vito seat upgrade and a Range Rover import are recent modifications. These are LO3, LK1 and LK2 mods.


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CarbonWorks has been involved with creating new pontoons and gangways after the recent floods. Owners are looking for structures that can be picked up and taken away, swung up or hauled up to preserve the asset from future floods. Composites offer longer life, stronger yet lighter products. Being lighter they can be relatively easily removed if a flood warning is given. Moving concrete infrastructure is impractical!!  Peter

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