• CarbonWorks – The Design & Build Specialist
  • Professional Engineering Services
  • Yacht & Boat Structures: Design or Build – Masts, Booms, Foils, Rigid Wing Sails and Hulls
  • Automotive Structures
  • Registered Engineer
  • Product Development is our Forte!
  • Bespoke Machinery Design
  • Composite Engineering
  • Composite Tooling design and supply
  • FEA (structures), Parametric (solid modelling) and NURBS (surface modelling)
  • Aluminium Structural Design or Certification to AS1664
  • Polyurethane Castings, low volume speciality parts, vacuum casting
  • Welding Certification: Aluminium, Steel, Titanium and magnesium
  • Project Managment
  • Pontoon & Jetty Design
  • Infusion and VARTM training
  • Approved Person (Engineer) for light vehicle modifications in Queensland

CarbonWorks carries out work for people and companies all around the World. With the internet and tools like skype distance is no barrier. Email or speak to Peter today about your project requirements.

CarbonWorks is dedicated to high quality, on time supply. Whether it is the simplest part repair or complex vessel design CarbonWorks can do it. Try us… Peter Schwarzel

The featured image at the top is an instrument that monitors the health of conveyor belts. My client and I designed and consolidated the hydraulics/mechanics/ultrasonics and electronics into a single package. This improved the reliability and lifetime of the instrument. See


hospital bath mould


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