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70m Mast & smaller Mizzen mast I worked on in New Zealand for Marten Spars, now Southern Spars

CarbonWorks has been designing Masts and Yacht Structures for over 20 years. Our capabilities include:

  • Spars – Masts and booms. Our specialities are free standing masts and Wing Sails
  • Hull and Deck structures
  • Survey Modelling
  • Unusual structures
  • Keels, Bulbs and Rudders
  • Multihull Beams and structures
  • Rudders and Foils, banana boards & lifting boards included

CarbonWorks can design or analyse a small part of a boat or the entire boat.  We also provide free quotes; just talk to us and we shall develop a Scope of Works and a Quotation.  We like the tough projects!! Try Us!

Moth Twist Model – AVI of Moth Wing skin wrinkling

Moth Twist Test 3- Moth Wing without skin. Trialling different skin pretensions

AC72 Platform 5 – downwind case – Model of the CarbonWorks AC72 Platform under the downwind loadcase

084-26 diamond forestay REv1 – Stress Plot of Cast Forestay Fitting


Words: ABS Offshore Racing Yachts, AS4132 Boat & Ship Design and construction, Non linear geometric buckling analysis, Linear Buckling, Linear Static Analysis, Transient Analysis, AC72 catamaran, Moth Wing, Americas Cup, carbon fibre fiber structures






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  1. Hi, I’m a Sydney based yachting journalist and I’m compiling an article on keels. It has been suggested that Peter Schwarzel, whom I think IS, or is part of, CarbonWorks has used Bisplate in yacht construction, would seem ideal for a frame, but also applicable in keel application. I wonder if it might be possible to have a comment or develop a short dialogue.


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