Structures – Wind Turbines

25m vawt – AVI of centripetal load on VAWT
IWE Test 4-1 torsion – AVI of Natural Frequency and mode of a VAWT Blade and Strut
 25m bladed VAWT – Note the person standing underneath!
One of CarbonWorks’ clients is developing VAWTS (Vertical Axis Wind Turbines). CarbonWorks is designing their blades. They will be glass or carbon fibre. CarbonWorks has designed various blades between 2m long and 25m long for the company. The image above is from a dynamic analysis of the blade starting. You can see a person standing under the VAWT probably looking a bit worried! This model is to determine its dynamic stability. In this case the struts needed stiffening by making them bigger near the hub. As the blades came up to speed they wobbled and became unstable.  Peter
147-15 TT-200mm Blde Design Rev4- A small document on designing blades
Words: VAWTs, HAWTs, aerodynamics, aerofoils, NACA, infusion, pre-preg, VARTM, membrane loads, linear buckling, non-linear geometric analysis, elastic hingeing, flutter

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