Structures – Masts


Rig Comparison Model – Different rig configurations are trialled in the same model. In this case the first mast to buckle is shown.

CarbonWorks has been involved with all sorts of masts; from Sabots to trimarans to Superyachts. Whether it be metal or composite CarbonWorks can Engineer or manufacture the mast you require. CarbonWorks is especially interested in unusual masts. Aerorigs, free standing, wing masts, wing sails. CarbonWorks has designed free standing masts from 6m to 45m high. The highest free standing mast that has been built was for a 60ft catamaran and is 22m high.  Composite mast fittings, furling systems, truss booms, bow sprits, spinnaker poles and spreaders; all sorts of spars have been designed and built. No job is too small or too large, ask us to solve your problem today!



Words: aero-elastic analysis, membrane analysis, crippling, buckling, elastic hinging, composite plates, laminate schedule, non-linear, catenary load, pre-load, pre-tension, upwind, downwind, synthetic cables, nitronic rigging, Rm, righting moment, heeling moment, angle of attack, NACA section, rigid wing, twist control



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