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Fibreglass Gangway and Pontoon

CarbonWorks has been designing gangways, pontoons and other marine structures for many years. One client builds mainly in Aluminium the other mainly in Composites.  CarbonWorks is always looking for new clients and the composite marine & civil structures area seems to be increasing. CarbonWorks typical helps with the design, manufacture or the analysis of these, including structural stability and floatation calculations.  Certification of structures as-built is also a typical task.  If your structure is welded, bolted, bonded or rivetted, CarbonWorks has the experience to improve it.

AVI Golf Coarse Bridge – Although not quite Marine it is a 20m bridge across a creek. Its built from fibreglass and provides a zero maintenance bridge for Golf Carts and Golfers.

Underside view of Heavy Duty marina finger. Load is due to cyclonic winds on docked yacht. Finger is to be installed on Eden Island in the Seychelles.

 150-04 Finger Series 2 S7-3 stress – Video of above finger showing stress in members

The featured Image at the top of the page is Salacia Waters (Gold Coast Australia). CarbonWorks Check Engineered and Certified the Gangways, Pontoons, Pile brackets and timber structures.

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