Projects – Coastal Rowing “The smaller the boat, the bigger the fun!”

Our Benchmark Chester Yawl during a test row at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast

CarbonWorks is fascinated by the evolution of sailing craft, particularly Multihulls, but is noticing a ‘ground swell’ of interest in small boats suitable for Coastal Rowing, Micro Cruising and ‘Raid’ type events. These types of craft offer people the opportunity to get out on the water easily & more often, while minimising big boating complications like cost, storage and accessibility.

In particular, Sliding Seat Rowing is a category of craft that in Australia has mainly been left to Scull Racing. But for a growing number of enlightened boaties simply getting out on the water in such a capable craft as a coastal rower has all the benefits they’re looking for. Coastal rowers move easily and fast, they have storage for picnic baskets, friends and pets, allowing mini adventures in sheltered waters.  They offer increased stability and stowage over kayaks for fisherman and can handle a reasonable electric motor if required.

If you are one of these small craft type people you might like to follow the development of the 5m “Gold Coaster”. This craft will be a test case for scaling up to a kit boat concept for a range of car toppers & trailerable rowboats. The range will then be extended to small trailerable multihulls with wing sails.

The basis of the Kit Concept will involve factory laminated timber, hull and deck ‘parts’ that the builder will assemble and finish. Lamwood is easy to “work”, with normal carpentery tools and is very strong. Building from scratch is labour intensive so this ‘partial build’ concept saves time & improves quality for people wanting to build or own a small boat. The builder will have the best of both worlds… the hands on personal satisfaction of saying “I built it!” and the cost savings of factory production.

Our test Yawl is configured for one or two up rowing by moving the rigging and stretcher. It regularly travels around the Broadwater on the Gold Coast, to and from South Stradbroke Is and occasionally does the family shopping at Runaway Bay Shopping Centre as it has a jetty.  Additions to the Yawl so far are the bright finished timber work, the rear vision mirror and nav lights. Rowing under moonlight has been fantastic.

CarbonWorks is developing a production system to realise highly engineered boat parts from vacuum moulded laminated wood veneer using production techniques not available to amateur builders. These large ‘parts’ will be lightweight and partially constructed by our team of leprechauns & umpa lumpas, to then be “docked out” in a big colorful box direct to your front door !!  They will come with full build drawings and instructions and support will be a skype or email away.

What are you waiting for !  We are very interested to know what people want in row boats, kit boats and small multis so talk to us about your dream boat soon!

See the following sites:

Parametric Model of the Gold Coaster

7th version of the 5m long Gold Coaster

Parametric model of GC-7. Using a Bezier network creates a very fair hull. Have been working on how to round the bow but the software people have not been able to help. I think I’ve just cracked it though. Solid Modellers were not intended to design hulls!

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