Projects – C-Class Catamaran

Little Americas Cup Champ 1991- Simon McKeon & David Churcher, Australia

Its been a long time since Australia has Challenged for the Americas Cup and the Little Americas Cup. In 1991 Australia won the L-AC with the Yellow Pages Edge3. I don’t have the resources for a “proper” Americas Cup, but the Little AC seems possible. So I have built a shed and have started designing a C-Class Catamaran.  Australia has a long and successful history in the ICCC and we need to kindle that spirit once again. Anyone interested in helping this project please get in touch. We need everything: technical people, boat builders, web designers, logistics people, MONEY, PR people, crew etc etc. Oh did I mention MONEY? The journeys just begun and we have to be in Falmouth August 2013. I imagine we need to build two boats, a std boat and a radical boat and get lots of on the water time to do well.  I have a prior 1974 winner from the Miss Nylex team as an offsider so we are away! I think yellow made a difference back then so hopefully Yellow can help today. Locally we have several World Class and World Champion sailors chomping at the bit to get onto one of these machines! So lets make it happen.  Peter

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