Progress’ Creation


The Carbon-Works logo was created through CAD doodling and is a paperless project.  The previous Carbon-Works logo was based on a Hindu Aum. I had travelled in India and was interested in the Hindu and Buddhist text. As Aum is the sound of creation, I used its written form for the logo for some time. However progress was required and I wanted something that reflected 3D CAD, appeared completely arbitrary but was interesting. “Progress” resulted and it has been the Carbon-Works logo since early 2009.  Although it seemed arbitrary, the Progress story shows otherwise.

“Progress” is 200m in diameter and 2.5m thick. If it were stainless steel it would weigh 75,500 tonnes, yet it sits lightly on the page and the computer screen. I can observe it and change it at will. But like any project, if it transitions from the computer into the real world it will become difficult and it would flex its heavy will against the world and its creators.

 Its CAD embodiment is a NURBs entity in Rhino3D but has occasionally been converted to solid geometry for various reasons. The cross lines on the surfaces are called isoparams and are used to help visualise the surfaces. Its polysurface ID is 1fff9223-d0d3-4639-a47a-e63e2fce42aa (82) and its rendering, as we see here has about 5000 polygons. Being a solid article means that it can’t be registered as a trade mark. It occasionally progresses itself. Recent changes are; it became thinner so the bubbles were clearer and the hexagonal bubble grew to become visually more significant.

 Thanks for being interested… Peter Schwarzel


Words: brainstorming, doodling, parametric solid, NURBs surface, daydreaming, creative, concept extension, product development

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