Progress – The Logo


The logo is called “Progress” and embodies the idea of “what goes around comes around” & that everything moves in cycles or circles… or everything changes but stays the same.

The bubbles represent thought balloons, a common metaphor used in cartoons and comics. But I find this to be an accurate realisation of the creative process. From our persona small bubbles of creativity rise and free float, some burst and disappear, some sink due to impracticalities or cost but some obstinately rise and expand to become real things. You can’t hold down a good idea.

Carbon-Works likes to think that it creates things a bit left field, a bit different, but yet are workable and worthwhile. These ideas are represented by the hexagonal bubbles, a minority amongst the other bubbles but not insignificant.

The three sections represent the development of the idea: Inception, Development and Maturity. Although there is a fourth formal stage called “end of life”, this point in time is difficult to determine. Ideas and products continually get recycled and reborn.  Hence we then have Progress, the idea gets re-created and the cycle starts again.

 As the three sections are identical and the path is circular it is impossible to tell which bit represents which stage. This also mimics an idea’s life. Is Coca-Cola still in its development stage? Or near its end of life? Who knows?

I look forward to working with you on your own bubbles… Peter Schwarzel-Designer