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09-10-2017 – Well we are back to monohulls. And we don’t know if they will be foilers. How can they not be? They said high performance if its a 75 foot archimedes boat it will be a sad day. The AC is meant  to be the bleeding edge of boat design… we shall see. I look forward to the new Prada Cup.


Not much change out there from last year. I notice the media and Oracle are starting to get info out there. The Aussies are very quiet and the rules were supposed to be out by now but seems like next month maybe the release date. Hawaii has become more mentioned for the Final… Oracle and Team Aus are training on Sydney Harbour and it seems the AC45’s will stage a comeback.


A shot of an AC45 wing quadrant from my Auckland AC base visit in April 2011



35th Americas Cup & Christmas…Well the media is slowly getting reports on various people and teams around the AC35. We Australians are the Challenger of Record so looks like we shall get a round at Hamilton Island. I’ve just spent a week there on holiday and it certainly is a great place to stay, with excellent water and wind for sailing. Not sure about a “stadium” race but TV should fix that. So the French & Swedes have shown their intent.  2017 seems to be the date so next year can be a logistical, discussion, organisational year. 2015 will be a wind up, design, get the media moving etc. 2016 is olympic Year so heads down bum up in building and trials, then into 2017 with a bang!!  2017 San Francisco or Hawaii September finals. Kiwis vs USA for pay back!  Looks like 60-65ft cats with foils. The platforms and wings maybe one design and the foils are open. I think one design in the AC is a shame but its a sign of the times. Seems to me that the cost is not controlled by the size or build.  We still could make Moths that cost $10 million each.  Seems to me they should just put XX$ into a trust account and thats it. Same as when the petrol runs out of your F1 car and your 10m from the finish, so does the money!! But we shall see. I think a Challengers Series held at each Challenges home is a fantastic opportunity. This makes the Challengers get a sponsor & media win at least. So if we have 65ft cats and say 8 crew I suppose they will look like a scaled down AC72. I hope they are allowed to control foils in a sensible manner and then I think we shall see 50kns plus on the course. As soon as the rules are out I’ll dig into them and see what shapes up.  Have a Happy and safe Christmas for all you regulars out there.  About 600 people a month graze through the site. Some get quite serious and download all the papers and videos.  If anyone out there wants something discussed on Composites, FEA or Yacht Structures just ask. Always looking for an opportunity to help

This year has been about designing a composite elevated work platform and in Mar-Apr 2014 we do its endurance trials, we compress 10 years of service into 3 weeks, will be very interesting! . The first Off Tool Samples came through over the last couple of weeks and they look great. .  The test rig is being built now so everyones getting excited about breaking it! To everyone else… Merry Christmas!!


CarbonWorks AC72 Hull-FEA Mesh

I’ve been designing an AC72 to get familiar with the current rules & recently been involved with the Australian Challenge for the 34th AC. In April 2011 I was in Auckland watching the AC45’s and looking at their wings in detail. I was driving and chasing them around the harbour on a RIB at 35kn plus was fun and occassionally scary!  Peter Schwarzel


After I was in Auckland I was invited to speak to three organisations about the America’s Cup and Wing Sails. The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Sydney, the Royal Institute of Naval Architects (Qld Chapter) and the Multihull Yacht Club of Queensland which was an AC34 Challenger at the time. Here are the presentation slides of each. If there is interest I can write up the commentary notes.

RPAYC-Sept2011 – A quick intro to Wings for recreational sailors. The presentation was for 20mins to 40 people. Question time ran to 40mins. Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club.

RINA Qld-Sept 2011 – Presentation to 30 technical people, Naval Architects and Boat Builders. About 1hr produced about 40mins of questions. Royal Institute of Naval Architects (Qld).

MYCQ-Aug2011 – Presentation to multihull sailors. A 45min presentation turned into 1.5hrs of questions! Was a great night. Multihull Yacht Club of Queensland.

You want it by when?? – A design study for an America’s Cup AC72 Catamaran. This is Part 1. I wrote this as a magazine article. But the Magazine in question decided not to publish. I’m half way through part 2 so will finish it next year and publish here. I’ve had boat oriented articles published in Multihulls Australia and Seahorse Magazine. I’ve also had composite oriented articles published in composite magazines.

See  – The Australian Challengers for the Americs Cup

See for the latest AC news

Hydrostatic analysis of the CarbonWorks  V-11 AC72 hull


15-08-2017 – We’ll the New Zealanders have the Cup and I’m betting we see foiling monos next time around to make the Italians happy. We wait until Sept 2017 for the release of the protocol.


Words: AC72 Class Rule, AC45 One design, Wing Sails, Rigid Wing, two panel wing, multi panel wing, prismatic co-efficient

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