In no particular order – Past and present Interests:

  • Bushwalking, rock climbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Cycle Touring, have cycled from Toowoomba to Cape Tribulation.  Cycled around the South Island of New Zealand
  • Tournament tennis
  • Building steel, then aluminium, then carbon fibre, then titanium bicycle frames. I have supplied frames to World Triathlon Champs and Ozzie Olympians
  • Sailing, dingies, catamarans, multihulls and whatever is available
  • Boat design, dingies and multihulls. Currently designing a 40ft folding offshore  trimaran with Wing (The Zinger Project). The prototype is called Zinger Jr (14ft)
  • Recreational Engineering – odd FEA models, hard to solve problems such as soft sail analysis (aero-elastic analysis), Lamb Waves and Tensegrity structures

    6-4 Ti Frame c1991 – very light!



2 thoughts on “Interests

  1. Hi – I also stumbled across your website having acquired a Europa tri-s full bike with campag group that was rusting in next doors garden. I was hoping to find out more on the history, the model, the frame quality/material and also where I may find replacement decals. Again, sorry if I’m barking up the wrong tree. Ta rob

  2. Peter, was great to read about the history of Technicomps. In 1992 you built a prototype road frame for me, which we had painted gloss black – then finished with custom stickers, “SONIC DESTROYER”. With another decal on the top tube “Destroyer Engineered by Technicomps”. The frame has remained in a friends shed since about 1994 – this year we are giving the frame a new paint job and getting it back on the road.

    In 1992 I also shot a black and white photo folio in your workshop of some of the production staff, Monty, Spider, Alan, Josh, Rod, and Dave. I think some of these guys worked out the back building and painting Kenevans frames too. Those images still exist, telling the story of the human resources at Technicomps, and form part of a record of Australian bicycle manufacturing history.

    As we put together the old Sonic Destroyer, I’ll detail the build on my bike blog,

    Soon there will be another Technicomps still out there and running.

    Robert Cobcroft

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