Latest Movies to use CarbonWorks Engineering


Some of CarbonWorks prior movie work involved designing large ramps to jump trucks, lifting rigs for airplanes for giant blue screen work (see the Gallery), safety checks on dangling swords (Scooby Doo) and strength checks on underwater drop sets.  My favorite was helping design a canon to fire cars across a creek. The most recent is for the film “Mental” where the suburb sign (Dolphin Heads) had to span two bridges on the Pacifc Highway near Evans Head Queensland. The sign was only to be erected for one week, yet the council had its own Engineers and a third party Engineer Review CarbonWorks Reports.  The sign is designed to withstand 150kph (95mph) winds from any direction and hold up a huge shark under the sign. The sign had to connect to the bridges with minimal damage and when removed leave no future problems.


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